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Get 13 doses of inspiration with the Systech Brand Protection Innovation Series. In each 30 to 40 minute episode, you'll hear how your peers, experts and practitioners across industries are tackling tough global supply chain issues.



April 15, 2020

VRS Blockchain: The solution for the pharma supply chain is here

Guest: Susanne Somerville, CEO, Chronicled

Over 2% of pharma medication sold in the U.S. is returned by dispensers but eligible for resale.  Beginning this November, in order to prevent counterfeiting and diversion, wholesalers are required to verify drug legitimacy before re-selling it. Over 95% of drugs that are resold will utilize the Verification Router Service on the blockchain-based MediLedger network. Susanne will review:

How brands are using the product verification solution and blockchain’s role
MediLedger innovation and the extended value it delivers
The benefit of deploying decentralized supply chain ecosystems and building protocol-driven solutions to enhance trade

April 22, 2020

How do you protect 1,000,000,000 people every day?

Guest: David Yingling, Brand Protection and Product Security, Johnson & Johnson

Around the world, one billion people use Johnson & Johnson products on a daily basis. It is a monumental task to keep them all safe from illicit activity that can sneak into the supply chain. Meet the man behind the scenes who is responsible for the security features that are selected and applied to the various J&J products. In this discussion, David will cover:

A range of traditional through digital anti-counterfeiting and diversion technologies
How J&J determines what feature to put on what product from their arsenal of consumer safety solutions
Ideas for how to protect yourself from suspect products all the time, not just during adverse times

April 29, 2020

Assessing brand integrity ROI: Insights from research and practice

Guest: Jeremy M. Wilson, Ph.D., Professor, MSU, School of Criminal Justice

The struggle to determine allocation and deployment of brand integrity resources is real. Companies seek to understand how well their strategy is performing and how to maximize effectiveness with finite resources. In this webinar, practical lessons on valuing brand integrity across industries will be discussed. As a total business solution, Jeremy will share:

Key issues, preferred uses, and necessary elements of ROI assessment
Insights into measuring performance based on a large benchmark study
Results for conceptualizing what success means and the key components

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May 6, 2020

Integrating print and anti-counterfeiting technologies into one multi-layered packaging solution

Guest: Robert Sherwood, VP Security Programs Management Global Support, VeriTrace Inc.

Why should we consider applying multi-level security technologies? Are there benefits to a layered approach? It’s widely understood that authentication techniques must be available for use by a variety of stakeholders including legal teams, investigators, supply chain players and finally consumers. Robert will share the anatomy of a multi-level anti-counterfeit label and discuss:

Why labels should provide maximum functionality for branding, product information and security
The various types of overt and covert security technologies and how they can be used
Interactive software platforms and tools that include smartphones, scanners and vision systems

May 13, 2020

Industry 4.0 – The smart factory and how to get there

Guest: Yoel F. Rivera, President / CEO of Ultimate Solutions, Corp.

We live in a connected world. Data is driving everything forward—including manufacturing. Industry 4.0 creates a smart factory, with interconnected devices, machines and, yes, people. This allows for an immediacy of information available to smart systems and operators to make better functional decisions. This episode will introduce the concepts of Industry 4.0, and various approaches to applying the concepts and technology in manufacturing today. Yoel will discuss:

A new manufacturing era that will rely on digital transformation including robots, augmented reality and artificial intelligence
The success factors required to be a true Industry 4.0 player
How virtual reality can be used to support remote teams

May 20, 2020

Business continuity and risk mitigation for the supply chain

Guest: Greg Cathcart, CEO, Excellis Health Solutions

Pandemic… Supply Chain… How many times have we all heard these words across media channels the past few months? We hear how the pandemic will make companies evaluate the safety of their current supply chain and the potential need to make adjustments to ensure effective product distribution in the future. Along with these changes will come threats—so the strategy for the “new-new” of your supply chain should include the ability to track and trace your products from manufacturing to the consumer in order to ensure legitimate products are being purchased. In this conversation, Greg will cover:

How to evaluate your future supply chain and the protection strategy you should embrace
Short and long term impacts on your “new” supply chain as you operationalize
Current capabilities to build your protection strategy for the foreseeable future

May 27, 2020

Virtual brand protection training

Guests: Suzanne McGloughlin, Director of Customer and Training Services, Systech;
Rachel E. Tomcsik, PhD, Senior Manager of Instructional Design, Systech

Brand protection and supply chain security doesn’t get put on hold because people are spending more time at home these days. Just the opposite. Many companies find themselves struggling to meet business demands while their employee base is working remotely.

Now is the time to leverage resource availability to get yourself and your workforce trained to respond efficiently and effectively in the current climate while also preparing for when business returns to normal. During this discussion, Suzanne and Rachel will discuss:

How to use this critical time to engage in remote learning
What Systech is doing to respond to the changing needs
What resources are available now and on our roadmap

June 3, 2020

Smart supply chain management begins with intelligent packaging

Guests: Eef de Ferrante, Managing Director, AIPIA; Andrew Manly, Communications Director, AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association)

The terms active packaging, intelligent packaging, and smart packaging refer to product packaging design and systems. They help extend shelf life, provide product authentication and security, enable consumer engagement, improve logistics and recycling, and more. AIPIA is a global partnership that connects packaged goods manufacturers and processors across industries with innovations and the latest technology developments in the packaging arena. Join Eef in a lively discussion covering fast-moving and new business opportunities related to active and intelligent packaging. In this episode, topics include:

What is a “smart packaging” ecosystem and why does it matter
A review of the most promising packaging technologies and key benefits
The evolution of smart packaging for intelligent logistics across the supply chain

June 10, 2020

Why pharma should aggregate now

Guest: Alexander Klemp, Technical Services Project Manager, Sharp Packaging

As part of the FDA’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), serialization was introduced to underpin the agency’s desire for a safer and more secure domestic pharmaceutical supply chain. An additional element becomes mandatory in 2023 with the requirement for an “interoperable supply chain”—accomplished primarily using aggregation of serialized products into serialized cases and onto serialized pallets. Serialization and aggregation are both intended for supply chain security. But is that their only benefit? Is there a further digital protection solution that can be built on serialization? This series session will cover:

The impact of aggregation on packaging
Why aggregate before you “have” to
Blending analog serialization with digital authentication in pharma

June 17, 2020

How to ready supply chains for 21st century threats

Guest: Keren Sookne, Director of Editorial Content, Healthcare Packaging (PMMI)

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has affected distribution in and out of the healthcare sector. Brand owners will need to be even more proactive in assessing threats to maintain business continuity and cost-effectiveness in the coming years, particularly with climate change. Experts say every dollar in preparedness saves six in relief efforts. Keren will review:

Some key stats observed in patient demands and sustainability since the outbreak
Considerations for responding to more than one hazard at once, as we move into hurricane season
What the industry will need in the next several years for pandemic vaccines and treatment

June 24, 2020
Automation and traceability: In a digital era are you using the right barcode for your cases?
Guest: Derek Dorsey, Manager – Strategic Accounts North America, Markem-Imaje

Have you been asked to implement GS1-compliant barcoding? Here’s what you need to know not only to meet the requirements but to enhance brand protection and business opportunity.

GS1 compliance for product manufacturers is the most widely used supply chain standard system in the world. The safe movement of goods depends on this system for more than compliance, however. There’s also potential to utilize barcodes for brand protection, track-and-trace and data gathering to enhance business opportunity. In this episode, Derek will discuss the guidelines and standards necessary for implementing compliant barcodes along with other added benefits. We’ll reveal:

Things to consider if you’ve been asked to implement GS1-compliant barcoding—the technologies available and their ability to meet requirements
Issues to be aware of when implementing solutions into the manufacturing environment
Benefits that can be derived by collecting data from this logistical product labelling requirement

July 1, 2020

Live from Pakistan: Brand protection in emerging markets

Guest: Anthony Petrolonis, General Manager, Health and product Safety - Interflow Group

Though fake products can be found anywhere, many consumers living in modernized societies primarily associate counterfeit goods with street vendors and shady only websites. Few would think of a chain grocery store, department store or pharmacy as a marketplace for counterfeits. It's the complete opposite for consumers in emerging nations who have serious challenges with purchasing authentic and safe products in every marketplace, every day.

In this discussion, Anthony will focus on:

The consumer and why consumer engagement matters more in markets where there is little to no brand protection for product distribution
A brand combat strategy for Pakistan and surrounding countries, where having a brand is only confirmed by it being counterfeited 
Sharing his learnings of how to protect people and products in developing economies

July 8, 2020

A Legal Perspective: Improving and Protecting Your Online Space Against Counterfeiting

Guest: Lara Miller, Counsel, Vice President - Corporate Strategy The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC)

In our last episode of the series, we’ll take a look into the IACC’s strategic partnerships, which leverage the collective voice of the rights-holder community to develop streamlined, operational engagements with intermediaries in the online space.


Topics centered at improving IP protection and enforcement will be discussed including three IACC Programs:

RogueBlock, a one-of-a-kind partnership with the payment industry that allows rights-holders to terminate merchant account counterfeit websites used to process payment
MarketSafe, a collaboration with Alibaba that includes expedited processes and favorable policies to address counterfeiters’ evasive techniques
IACC-Amazon, an escalation-based program that provides immediate resolution of the issues participants face when enforcing their IP on the Amazon platform while also contributing to tangible, scalable solutions that better the enforcement experience on Amazon for all rights-holders

All three Programs stem from the same idea; that the global, anonymous nature of the online space has out-paced traditional enforcement mechanisms and no one brand, entity, or organization can fight it alone. Instead, we must come together to build win-win engagements that lighten the burden of enforcement for all parties involved and produce meaningful change.