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VRS Blockchain: The solution for the pharma supply chain is here

Guest: Susanne Somerville, CEO, Chronicled

Over 95% of drugs sold in the US will be verified through MediLedger. Learn how that impacts restocked medicines.  Learn more.

How do you protect 1,000,000,000 people every day?

Guest: David Yingling, Brand Protection and Product Security, Johnson & Johnson

Look inside how J&J disrupts the illicit trader’s ability to mimic products and how they're making it easier to identify what is genuine vs. suspect. Learn more.

Assessing brand integrity ROI: Insights from research and practice

Guest: Jeremy M. Wilson, Ph.D., Professor, MSU, School of Criminal Justice

How well are brand protection initiatives performing and how can you maximize effectiveness with finite resources? Learn more.

Integrating print and anti-counterfeiting technologies into one multi-layered packaging solution

Guest: Robert Sherwood, VP Security Programs Management Global Support, VeriTrace Inc.

Innovative security label approaches that connect your supply chain and increase consumer confidence in your brand. Learn more.

Industry 4.0 – The smart factory and how to get there

Guest: Yoel F. Rivera, President / CEO of Ultimate Solutions, Corp.

Get a glimpse of our industrial future, which features smart factories with interconnected devices, machines and, yes, people. Learn more.

Business continuity and risk mitigation for the supply chain

Guest: Greg Cathcart, CEO, Excellis Health Solutions

Pandemic has us all evaluating supply chain safety. Learn how to build a protection strategy that will ensure effective product distribution now and in the future. Learn more.

Building a virtual training program

Guests: Suzanne McGloughlin, Director of Customer and Training Services, Systech; Rachel E. Tomcsik, PhD, Senior Manager of Instructional Design, Systech

Find out how to train a remote workforce to respond efficiently to supply chain threats now— while preparing for a return to normal. Learn more.

Smart supply chain management begins with intelligent packaging

Guest: Eef de Ferrante, Managing Director, AIPIA; Andrew Manly, Communications Director, AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association)

Learn about the ‘smart packaging’ ecosystem, the evolution of smart packaging for supply chain logistics and key benefits of the most promising packaging technologies. Learn more.

Why pharma should aggregate now

Guest: Alexander Klemp, Technical Services Project Manager, Sharp Packaging

The interoperable supply chain doesn’t become mandatory until 2023. But is waiting to roll out aggregation until the deadline the best business decision? Discover the benefits. Learn more.

How to ready supply chains for 21st century threats

Guest: Keren Sookne, Director of Editorial Content, Healthcare Packaging (PMMI)

Experts say every $1 in preparedness saves $6 in relief efforts. In the wake of pandemic and ongoing climate change, Brand owners must be even more proactive in assessing threats. Learn more.

Automation and traceability: Are you using the right barcode for your cases?

Guest: Derek Dorsey, Manager – Strategic Accounts North America, Markem-Imaje

Have you been asked to implement GS1-compliant barcoding? Here’s what you need to know not only to meet the requirements but to enhance brand protection and business opportunity. Learn more.

Live from Pakistan: Brand protection in emerging markets

Guest: Anthony Petrolonis, General Manager, Health and Product Safety - Interflow Group
Consumers in emerging nations have serious challenges with purchasing authentic and safe products in every marketplace, every day. Tune in to learn the additional considerations that need to be part of your brand protection strategy in emerging markets.  Learn more.

Creative Legal Solutions in IP Enforcement

Guest: Lara Miller, Counsel, Vice President - Corporate Strategy The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC)
To understand the IACC’s work, we’ll take a look into their strategic partnership with the payment industry, Alibaba and Amazon. Learn how the IACC leverages the collective voice of the rights-holder community to improve IP protection and enforcement in online marketplaces.  Learn more.