Unlocking efficiency: How to tackle exceptions with supply chain rework

Exceptions Management focuses on identifying and resolving issues arising during pharmaceutical product manufacturing and distribution. It is critical in the pharmaceutical sector due to patient safety and regulatory compliance and to avoid supply chain delays and product quarantine.

As trading partners continue to implement and fine-tune their processes to adhere to the DSCSA requirements, errors related to discrepancies between the data received and the product received in the shipment are expected to grow 5 to 10x. Considering the increasing challenges related to counterfeits, drug shortages and patient safety, efficient handling of exceptions is imperative.  

Why Attend?

  • Insights from Industry Experts: Our experts will delve into the intricacies of exception management and rework within the pharmaceutical supply chain.
  • Navigating Regulatory Challenges: Discover strategies to address compliance concerns while minimizing disruptions. We’ll explore real-world scenarios and share best practices.
  • Data Alignment and Risk Mitigation: Understand how efficient exception handling can ensure product quality and supply chain integrity to deliver products to the patients who need them.
  • Case Studies and Success Stories: Learn how leading pharmaceutical companies have optimized their processes and implemented rework solutions.

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Rick Seibert
CIO, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Technical Services
Sharp Packaging

Sharp is a leader in pharmaceutical packaging clinical trial supply services & small-scale sterile manufacturing with a heritage spanning more than 70 years. Engineered to deliver, Sharp partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients, offering solutions and support from phase I trials all the way through to commercial launch and lifecycle management. Their 2,000+ strong team leverages the capabilities in state-of-the-art GMP facilities in the US, UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.


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Dave DeJean
Vice President, Global Strategic Accounts

Dave DeJean is responsible for Systech’s strategic business opportunities. He supports and educates customers and stakeholders on best practices for implementing enterprise serialization, traceability and authentication solutions. Dave has over 35 years of market knowledge and hands-on experience in solution development and project methodology for regulatory compliance, brand protection and supply chain traceability. He is a subject matter expert in packaging execution systems, product identification and supply chain transparency.




Joe Lipari
Director, Product Lifecycle Management


Joe Lipari is responsible for the Systech serialization, traceability, and brand protection product suite. He has successfully expanded Systech's traceability platform to include end-to-end supply chain use cases, deploying an intelligent data layer to harvest and visualize critical packaging data. Joe has expertise in packaging and serialization based on engineering and deploying solutions for global pharmaceutical companies. In addition, he has extended his packaging and supply chain experience in engineering and management roles in the life sciences and consumer goods sectors. He has spoken at many industry events, and his expertise is relied on by many trade publications and journals. Joe holds a BS in Computer Science/Info Systems from Stockton University.