Solving the pharmaceutical supply chain challenges

The pharmaceutical industry operates under strict regulations. Real-time visibility ensures order accuracy, effective inventory management and compliance. The intricate global sourcing, outsourcing and new modalities make it challenging to maintain resilience and efficiency in the face of disruptions. Moreover, counterfeit drugs pose a significant risk to patient safety and industry credibility.

In this webinar, IDC analysts Simon Ellis and Michael Townsend will share findings from their latest primary research focusing on hot industry trends, market needs and innovative technologies to address critical supply chain challenges


Tune in for...

  • Pharma Industry Insights: Explore strategies to tackle your supply chain challenges and the need for actionable data.
  • Navigating Regulatory Landscape: Discover ways to address compliance concerns while minimizing disruptions based on real-world scenarios and best practices.
  • Data Alignment and Risk Mitigation: Understand how pharma supply chain leaders are leveraging traceability to optimize product quality and supply chain integrity.
  • Patient-Centric Supply Chain Transformation: Learn how to build resilience and drive change to serve patients best.

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Sreedhar Patnala
General Manager | Systech



Simon Ellis
Group Vice President, Global Supply Chain Practice | IDC

Simon’s expertise lies in advising clients on manufacturing strategies and supply chain digital transformation. With over 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, he has worked across all major areas of the supply chain including roles as a manufacturing technologist and business leader in both operational and strategic supply chain functions. His insights drive industry advancements and guide organizations toward resilient and efficient supply chains.





Michael Townsend
Research Director, Life Sciences Commercialization Strategies | IDC

With over 20 years of engineering and operations management experience with manufacturers serving the life sciences industry, Michael provides research-based advisory and consulting services. His expertise spans sales and marketing, supply chain, manufacturing systems, and emerging technologies and marketing trends.