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There’s more to meeting pharmaceutical serialisation requirements. It goes well beyond your manufacturing line. No matter where you sell medicine, understanding pitfalls to avoid, and the actionable steps you should be taking now to achieve serialisation success across all your distribution channels equals being able to sell your product, or not.

  • Learn what you and your dependent supply chain partners must have in place to ensure products are safely and legitimately transported from your manufacturing line to patients
  • Overcome serialisation setbacks with proven solutions that have already addressed challenges that threaten available supply – including problems with warehouse damages, decommissioning, aggregation or other changes
  • Understand how to effectively protect your brand, better leverage your serialisation investment, and mitigate counterfeit or diverted product 
  • Get an overview on the things government serialization requirements don’t solve for when it comes to data connectivity and reporting

This webinar is for pharmaceutical manufacturers including virtual pharma’s, CMOs, 3PLs and those in the later phases of clinical trials. Whether you are already serialized, or still in the planning stage, ensure the rest of your distribution chain is sufficiently prepared for business beyond serialisation by attending this webinar. 

Featured Speaker

Dirk Rodgers
Global Regulatory Strategist
Systech International

Dirk Rodgers is an expert in pharmaceutical compliance issues as well as an author who regularly explores and writes about the pharmaceutical supply chain, track and trace technology, standards, and regulatory compliance. Dirk has posted over 400 essays on these specific topics and is the author of the book “The Drug Supply Chain Security Explained” (Amazon). An electrical and computer engineer by education, Dirk has worked as a consultant, software architect, and automation engineer during a career spanning 30 years.

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