Secure your supply chain and engage consumers with third-generation connected packaging.

The global value of counterfeit and diverted goods is projected to reach nearly $3 trillion by 2022 across all industries including health and beauty, wine and spirits and other CPG segments.

Not only is revenue at stake, but the safety and loyalty of consumers is on the line as more and more brands fall victim to counterfeiting and diversion.

Additive technology like RFID, holograms, taggants and special printed markings are easy to duplicate and make it even easier for fake products to enter the legitimate supply chain and fool consumers. But what if there was a way for brands to stop counterfeiting and allow consumers to authenticate products in real time by using pre-existing barcodes?

In this 45-minute webinar, you’ll:

  • Explore industry challenges and solutions being adopted by brands to prevent counterfeiting and diversion
  • Get insight into rapid, cost-effective solutions you can deploy today
  • Learn how e-Fingerprint® technology can enhance consumer engagement and customer loyalty programs

Date | On-Demand
Duration | 45 Minutes

Watch "Connected Packaging Stops Counterfeiting and Links Brands to Consumers"

Speaker Bio

avi-chaudhuri-100x100Avi Chaudhuri, PhD
Chief Scientist, Systech


Dr. Avi Chaudhuri spearheads Systech’s brand protection technological development and expansion. In this role, he is responsible for harnessing and evolving the company’s tech potential to enable customers to fight the ongoing threat of counterfeiting.

Prior to joining Systech, Chaudhuri designed and deployed serialization, traceability and brand protection programs for some of the largest companies in the world. He introduced the concept of mass serialization to the Indian pharmaceutical industry, allowing patients to authenticate their drug purchases via a national SMS program. Chaudhuri has also authored several manuscripts and white papers on technology solutions to combat counterfeiting which have had significant impact on shaping public policy and protecting consumers.


This webinar originally aired September 10, 2019.