Beauty Brand Tackles Counterfeiting and Diversion Head On | OZNaturals Case Study

Learn why beauty and skincare brand OzNaturals chose Systech to protect its supply chain from counterfeiting and diversion in this case study

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systech-traceability-helps-cpo-with-cost-compliance-scalability-case-study _295x138

Systech Traceability Helps CPO with Costs, Scalability, Compliance

Systech replaces a CPOs existing L4 track & trace  solution for better cost, scalability & compliance

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BI’s Fast Deployment of Standardized Global Serialization

Learn how Boehringer Ingelheim deployed serialization at three sites within six months

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Digital Authentication Prevents Drug Diversion in High Risk Markets

How does a pharma leader prevent drug diversion in high risk markets?

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Large Global Distiller’s Results with Systech Anti-Counterfeiting

Learn about a large distiller’s counterfeiting challenges in India.

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Serialization Implementation – Takeda Results

Learn about Takeda's serialization and aggregation journey.

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St. James Results: ESM vs Pedigree vs. eFingerprinting

St. James Hospital tests authentication by ESM, the Pedigree model and eFingerprinting.

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Sharp Deploys Non-Additive Product Authentication

Sharp improves its defenses against counterfeiting with a non-additive authentication solution.

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Global Haircare Brand Protects Against Diversion

Learn how a global haircare brand protected a new product line from diversion.

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