Protecting your brand, products & Consumers: Age-gating & supply chain security



FDA director, Brian King has recently mentioned at FDLI that he believes technology can serve a role in age-gating product access. These are decidedly adult-only products, and companies are looking at several different approaches to stopping youth access to the devices.

The ENDS market has been one of the fastest growing consumer segments. Brands should be aware of how gray market issues like counterfeiting and supply chain diversion directly impact their business. When a product, like ENDS, is specifically designed to be breathed in and is seen as a health benefit choice to tobacco smoking, counterfeit or mishandled products could be very dangerous to the consumer.

Brand protection in the ENDS market is not one singular product, but layers of technology and process. Our moderator Jessica Zdinak will lead industry expert Eric Hawk and Systech’s Dave DeJean through a lively discussion on meeting these industry challenges. Attendees will hear real-world examples of how companies have begun to face these issues, and how the solutions were deployed. There will be a 15-minute LIVE Question & Answer at the end of the webinar. You won’t want to miss this!

In this 60-minute webinar, you’ll learn:
• Options for age-gating your products
• How to combat counterfeit products
• Important illicit trade issues and how best to address them in this industry

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