Proven techniques to protect medical products & patients

The global cost of counterfeiting and diversion is estimated to be over 1.7 trillion dollars annually. We have compiled all the proven tools and techniques that are essential to combat this supply chain threat.

What’s inside?

Valuable insights to elevate brand protection and ways to secure your medical product supply chain utilizing advanced digital connectivity to: 

  • Quickly detect counterfeit products in market
  • Enable cross supply chain traceability and visibility
  • Verify product and labeling quality, minimize recalls

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of serial numbers managed by our customer network. We can help.

Establishing rich product traceability through serialization and aggregation while adding a purely digital layer of product protection combine to enhance patient and brand protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between counterfeiting and diversion?

Counterfeiting is the unauthorized production of a product that is meant to look like an original, while diversion is an unauthorized seller who sells a product intended for one market in another market. Both of these issues can be tackled by optimizing your medical products supply chain.

How do counterfeit medical products find their way into the supply chain ?

One weak link in a medical products supply chain lets counterfeiters in. The proliferation of online marketplaces and storefronts has exacerbated the issue. Healthcare product web stores are easily accessible online and have been proven to sell fakes.

What is the impact of counterfeiting and diverted medical products?

Both are dangerous to the practitioner and/or the patient. Counterfeits are never made to the medical-grade environments and designs of the original. Diverted products are rarely transported to the standards that genuine products travel in the supply chain. Sterility could also be compromised.

How can I secure my supply chain and ensure patient safety?

It takes a layered approach to make your supply chain truly safe. One layer is traceability— to know that your product’s journey is with trusted partners across your supply chain. Another layer is the ability to verify product authenticity anywhere in the supply chain.

How can technology prevent counterfeit products?

Implementing the right capabilities will add layers of protection across the supply chain to help manufacturers and distributors gain visibility, detect diversion and authenticate products throughout the journey.

Prevention is the best way of protection

Take charge of your medical products supply chain before it's too late.