How to protect your PPE supply chain from counterfeiting with a simple barcode



PPE supply chains are vulnerable to counterfeiting, and people are at risk.

The demand for PPE products is soaring and counterfeiters are taking advantage. Organizations legitimately producing PPE products do not have an effective anti-counterfeit protection solution, nor the means for consumers to quickly differentiate between authentic vs. fake products. This is causing end-consumers and healthcare providers to lose confidence in their supply sources.

The solution is a simple barcode that works like this...



Download this white paper for actionable insights on:

  • Tracking products from the individual item level into cartons and then to pallets
  • Having end-consumers quickly scan a product's barcode to verify its authenticity
  • Identifying counterfeit labels as fakes by using field authentication

Download our PPE solutions paper to learn more about how e-Fingerprint technology protects the end-consumer and your brand reputation.

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