Aggregated pharmaceutical data simplifies and increases supply chain efficiency. 

The cost of returned medicines is estimated to be between $5-10 billion per year in the US alone. However, pharmaceutical companies are struggling to streamline the data flow and verification of returned saleable goods.

Through aggregation, pharmaceutical companies will be able to handle group packages without having to unpack each batch or scan packages individually.

In the US, pharma companies have until 2023 to get compliant with aggregation guidelines and companies distributing in the EU—although not mandated—gain immediate process efficiency to put them ahead of the competition. 

In this webinar you’ll learn how aggregated shipment data of serialized product will:

  • Increase efficiency in handling return products

  • Improve control and traceability of all products

  • Reduce handling and shipment costs

Date | On-Demand
Duration | 45 Minutes

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Panelist Bios

rick-seibertRick Seibert
SVP of Project Management and Technology Services, Sharp Packaging Solutions

Rick Seibert is an expert in serialization technology and implementation. Rick leads the Innovation and Technology group at Sharp. Together with his management team, he has overseen more than 40 different pharma serialization programs, in 8 different jurisdictions over the last 11 years. He speaks regularly at industry events on the realities and challenges of implementing successful pharma serialization programs globally.

erik-van-elkEric van Elk
Lead Test Engineer, Inno4Life



Erik is an expert in the technical applications in the semi-conductor, process automation and pharma industry. Specialized in serialization / aggregation equipment installation and leading the Engineering Test group at Inno4Life, he is responsible to ensure all customer requirements in complex machinery are met. Before joining Inno4Life, Erik was responsible for the commissioning of semiconductor equipment and worked as a contract Manager for industrial process control systems.

dirk-rodgersDirk Rodgers
Founder, RxTrace


Dirk writes regularly on the intersection between the pharmaceutical supply chain, track-and-trace technology, standards and regulatory compliance. He has authored hundreds of essays on these specific topics and is the author of the book “The Drug Supply Chain Security Explained”. A logical thinker, Dirk is skilled at making complex technical topics understandable to non-technical readers and listeners. An Electrical and Computer Engineer by education, Dirk has worked as a consultant, software architect and automation engineer during a career spanning 30 years.

steve-tallantSteve Tallant
Senior Director, Market Development, Systech


Steve Tallant is a software product management and marketing expert, with more than 25 years of experience exclusively in the software industry. Steve has worked in a myriad of vertical industry domains and software solutions including J2EE middleware, information lifecycle management and finance solutions. Prior to starting his career at Systech, Steve held various product management positions at IBM, Hewlett Packard and Vertex, Inc. He is also a frequent guest lecturer and panelist for the Information Technology department of the Villanova School of Business.

This webinar originally aired June 25, 2019.