Fake Products. Is the Nutraceutical
Industry Prepared?


The nutraceutical industry is being deluged by fake products. Learn how to protect your supply chain from counterfeiting and diversion.

The global nutraceutical industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Numerous analyst studies place the current market size north of $200 billion globally, with solid growth rates pushing towards $500 billion in the next five years. Success makes this industry incredibly attractive to supply chain criminals. Nutraceutical brands face very real threats of product counterfeiting and diversion with no formal regulations in place to protect their goods. These challenges are prevalent even in highly regulated markets like pharmaceuticals.

Download this 8-page white paper to learn:

  • How product counterfeiting and diversion damage your nutraceutical brand and revenue

  • What solutions are available to protect your supply chain from fake products and how they stack up

  • How consumer engagement programs can be used to covertly identify fake products

Learn How to Protect Your Supply Chain