Best Practices to Combat Product Counterfeiting and Diversion


Systech’s product counterfeiting and diversion benchmark report surveyed industry leaders to learn how they combat counterfeiting threats.

Product counterfeiting and diversion are at an all-time high with over $1.7 trillion being lost annually to these threats. The onslaught of counterfeit products injected into the supply chain is ceaseless as criminals become more sophisticated and audacious in their efforts. The profitability of this illicit market and low risk for prosecution has turned the focus of drug cartels and terrorist groups towards producing counterfeits—from fragrances to footwear and more. It was recently reported that US authorities confiscated $472 million worth of counterfeit sneakers that had been shipped into the country by an international counterfeiting ring.

What Brands Need to Know:

Systech’s counterfeiting and diversion benchmark report surveyed over 100 brand protection professionals.  We asked how industry leaders combat counterfeiting and diversion and what the impact of these threats are on their business.

Download the report to learn: 

  • What companies like yours are losing in revenue each year

  • The brand risks associated with counterfeit and diverted products

  • Industry best practices for combatting counterfeiting and diversion

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