Blockchain is emerging as an innovative brand protection solution. The key elements required to establish cryptocurrency—trusted chain of possession, known ownership and title transfer, plus notarization and time stamping of all events—are in line with what’s needed to secure the supply chain against product counterfeiting and diversion.

The challenge is taking a purely digital technology and applying it to the physical world. That’s where Systech comes in. Our technology turns any printed barcode into a unique, digital e-Fingerprint®—one that can’t be reverse engineered or duplicated. This provides a seamless, unimpeachable and direct digital connectivity path for a product’s individual data, and ensures authenticated, trusted physical product identity.

When combined with the immutable distributed ledger provided by blockchain, Systech’s digital e-Fingerprint technology provides the industry’s only viable resource in the fight for blockchain-enabled brand protection.

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How can we make blockchain—the cryptocurrency foundation—really work to secure physical product in the digital supply chain?

Stop Counterfeiting and Diversion



The potential of blockchain technology is being tapped in ways which is creating massive hype with business opportunities across many verticals.

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This Gartner content can help shape your company’s journey into the highly publicized, certainly complex and wildly imaginative world of blockchain.

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