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Blockchain, as a technology, has the potential to redefine how business is conducted. Many different industries are ripe for disruption including any industry involved in supply chain operations. 

While pharmaceutical and healthcare trading partners may not be exchanging bitcoins for drug products, development of a distributed platform that will meet track and trace requirements could be met using blockchain technology. Systech and RXTransparent represent both ends of the drug supply chain, from manufacturing to patient doses, and are currently engaged in piloting a real world blockchain solution. 

This webinar will attempt to address the poignant questions in the industry surrounding how blockchain may be the answer to the interoperable system, as well as data governance, data privacy, scalability, and discussing limitations of blockchain as a technology for the supply chain. 

Listen to Dwight deVera, President & CEO, RXTransparent and Joe Lipari, Director of Cloud Products at Systech, for an informative webinar presentation. In this webinar you will: 

  • Gain an understanding of blockchain technology 
  • See how the pharmaceutical blockchain can support healthcare’s interoperable supply chain 
  • Review a real world approach that defines the pharmaceutical blockchain for healthcare 
  • Get a first look into our pilot
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